Trending of Healthy Lifestyles

It seems to me that healthy lifestyles have been trending nowadays. If you would like to know why or how, well here it is. Famous people, like famous youtubers or celebrities,  wants to have  good body shapes. In order to get that they have to have a healthy lifestyle, which is eating properly and healthy food like fruits and veggies. And having a lot of exercise including going to a gym, that helps them stay fit and healthy.

Now since they are famous ofcourse, they have FANS. Fans, fams, frands, whatever they all it, they have people on the watch on everything and I mean every single thing they do. Like following them on Instagram or Twitter and other social media accounts they have. They watch videos or vlogs or their snaps of them doing those stuff that helps them be fit like drinking detrox water (simply water with lemons) or eating an acai bowl (a bowl filled with yoghurt and different kinds of fresh fruits such as strawberries or blue berries). They see it, and like it because (me as a fan of really famous youtubers) they make it look fun and amazing and encouraging. So they also try it too. And they get fit too and as other people see it the more people gets encouraged in doing it.

I find it really good for our society that there are people that encourages others to do good things like these to live better and to stay fit and healthy and also strong, immune to sicknesses that may be around. Living a long, healthy, and happy life is what everyone wants. And it all starts with our health.